Tatum, TX Week 10

Mar. 28 - Apr. 3, 2021

Sunday and Monday, we finished off the laundry and that is about it. We scheduled a meeting with the developer of our neighborhood to discuss the prep work for our lot.

Tuesday, I got new tires for my car, it was really past time.  I used Discount Tire to purchase and install because of their service.  We used them in Jacksonville, FL when we first started our travels.  They include free rotation every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and air at any of their locations nationwide. I visited a cute little yarn shop called Stitches and Stuff. They had some luscious yarn and embroidery floss. I don't knit or crochet but if I did, this is the place to shop. They also have an Etsy shop.  I did buy an embroidery book for future use. We finished the day with dinner at Duke's Fish Shack for some fried fish.  Their entire décor was John Wayne memorabilia. The fish was excellent.

Wednesday, we drove over to our lot to meet with the developer, Mathie.  He agreed to remove all the pine trees and to give us a 40 foot culvert for the driveway. His business partner happened by while we were walking the lot so we got to meet him and another of their friends who is a doctor. They were so friendly and welcoming.  Mathie also suggested a builder who is building several of the houses in the neighborhood so we called him and scheduled a meeting for Thursday.  Maybe having several houses in the same neighborhood will allow for a price break.

Thursday, we met with the suggested builder at the lot and were able to see a home he has under construction. He said he could have a quote for us in three weeks.  We got to have lunch with Willie and David at Nicky's Mexican then we met with the first builder we interviewed to go over his quote.  WOW, a little bit of sticker shock... Apparently lumber prices have quadrupled since this time last year, hopefully they will come down by the time we want to build or maybe we will need to continue to travel for another year.  We will see. 

Friday, we spent most of the day reviewing the quote.  I compared it to my spreadsheet and it was pretty darn close to what he came up with.  We made a list of adjustments and sent them over to him.  We have one more builder quoting the build so we should have a builder selected by the end of the month.

Saturday, I spent most of the day tweaking our travel plans for the next few months.  We aren't going to spend quite as much time in Florida and we may not go into South Carolina this time.  I am wanting to stay within a days drive of Shreveport incase we need to swing back to make selections for the house build earlier than September. We will be hitting the road again next week.

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