Week 203: Abita Springs, Alexandria, and Dixie Inn, LA

Dec. 18 - 24, 2022

Sunday, I spent most of the morning enjoying coffee while updating the blog and editing photos. We visited with my nephew and his sweet family. Travis and Erika just had their second baby a couple weeks ago and he is adorable. Their oldest is enjoying being the big brother. I decided to cook dinner tonight since we've been hitting all the restaurants lately. Chicken wings and lady peas from the Kay's garden...its what's for dinner! Delicious.

Monday, we spent the day tackling laundry and avoiding the rain. The weather is going to get brutiley cold later this week. We got everything in the coach ready to move so that when the rain breaks we will be ready to roll.

Tuesday, the rain took no mercy on Elard as he got everything disconnected outside this morning. It did stop about halfway to our stop near Alexandria. We stayed at River Cities RV Park, we like it for overnights because it is all automated. We didn't even unhook the car and we only plugged in the electrical outside.

Wednesday, we arrived at Cinnamon Creek RV in Dixie Inn, LA around 2:30. We got all settled in, I made a grocery run, then we went to visit with my sister Willie and her husband David. It is so good to see them after a whole year. She had a years worth of mail to give us so we spent the rest of the evening sorting thru it

Thursday, soooo...we found a house on Realtor.com that we went to look at this morning. It has almost everything that we were planning to build. It is beautiful. It doesn't have the giant quilt studio I was going to build but it does have a detached garage that could be turned into one. It is significantly less than the estimated cost to build what we want. AND it is directly behind my sister's house! I think we are going to make an offer on it. We met Willie and David at Johnny's Pizza for lunch. I've been planning on enjoying a Sweep the Kitchen for two weeks LOL. It was delicious. We visited the lot that we were planning to build on, it needs to be mowed. It is going to be coooooolllddd here tonight and the next few days. At least we are prepared for it.

Friday, we made a second visit to the house this morning and made an offer on it! Holy crap! We are buying a house! I have to say that I am not going to miss making the thousand decisions you have to make when building a house. What a great Christmas/Anniversary present.

Saturday, we enjoyed the evening with friends and family.  A friend of my brother hosts an annual Christmas Eve party and they were gracious enough to include us in the invitation.  It was so much fun!

Merry Christmas Y'all!