Natchitoches, LA - 2


Dec. 29, 2019 - Jan. 4, 2020

I am not sure how I forgot to take photos this week!

Our Sunday was not a very interesting day for you guys, but it was awesome for us...I don't think we made it outside.  We both spent a lot of time surfing the net.  Elard made bacon and eggs for breakfast and then we watched the Saints bring it!  Elard has started pulling information together for our taxes, it will be that time before you know it.  I got last week's post created and uploaded.  I had a good time searching for patterns of cool things to make. Pinterest and Bluprint is dangerous.  We had The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly going in the background, one of my all time favorites and followed that with another favorite, Unforgiven.  We had a light dinner and prepared for our trip to Monroe.

Monday and Tuesday were spent catching up with several friends and enjoying some good food in Monroe.  I love Newk's chicken salad and their pimento cheese.  Warehouse No.1 does not disappoint, we had Redfish Louisianne and Filet Oscar and followed up with bread pudding. We drove up to Sterlington to see all the work going on at ANGUS.  We just drove around the perimeter, it is looking good. Wow that new warehouse is going to be huge! We had lunch at Fiesta Linda's and it was just as good as I remember. We stopped by our house to check on things and then we rang in New Year's Eve and our 25th wedding anniversary with good friends.  The jambalaya was sooo good!  We've been together for 30 years but have been legal for 25.  Here's to at least 25 more.

Wednesday, we stayed in Ruston last night and decided to drive around and look at real estate there this morning. There are some really pretty neighborhoods here and several nice houses in our price range, so Ruston is on the short list for places to live when we finish traveling.  Next we stopped by my brothers house to have black-eyed peas and cabbage to assure good luck and wealth in 2020. Melvin fixed my little collapsible computer desk so that it is much more stable.  Thanks Melvin!  We made it back to Natchitoches just before dark and ahead of the rain.  Looks like its gonna rain for a couple of days.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday I just had to go back over to Monroe one last time.  I had lunch at Catfish Charlies with my former financial planning co-workers.  Such a great bunch of folks.  I spent the afternoon in search of a good king cake to take on the road with us and having coffee with my quilting peeps. I attended the monthly meeting of my former quilt guild group, Moonlight chapter.  So much fun to see what they've been quilting, wish I could be here for the quilt show in February!  Good luck ladies (and gents!).

Friday we bing watched The Mandalorian, baby yoda is so stinking cute. I can't wait for the next season.  I pulled year end statements from all the relevant investment web-sites (side note, Thank You President Trump!). I spent some time cooking dinner and we made a shopping run. 

Saturday I was inspired to do some quilting by my exposure to my quilting peeps on Thursday!  I cut out 23 blocks in prep for some hand quilting. And started piecing the new plan for the travel quilt while watching Return of the Jedi. It's going to be a clam shell quilt and I'm going to take Mary Smith's suggestion to use the blocks from the original travel quilt design and use them as a stripe for the back of the quilt.  We will be moving Sunday and there are always things that need to be done to prepare for moving. I am tickled that we got to see so many of our friends.  We will be back sometime in November.

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