Week 149: Ashdown, AR

Dec. 5 - Dec. 11, 2021

Sunday, another walk today.  The weather has been cool but very pretty.  I really need to kick up the exercise.  We are walking the golf course here and it is quite hilly. It really highlights the lack of exercise I've been doing.  

Monday, we drove down to Haughton to visit with our niece, her husband, and our great nephew.  We enjoyed being able to chat for a while.  Next we filled our craving for Johnny's Pizza by meeting Willie and David there.

Tuesday, we went back to Jim's Place.  Tuesday's special is pork chops!  They were pretty dang good.  Elard humored me with some local shopping. We went to The Castle, an antique store.  We met the owner, Ms. Carol Castleman of The Castle.  She was a delight to chat with.  I found a pretty vintage candy/fruit dish that will make a perfect gift filled with chocolate. They also had a huge vintage Wedgewood turkey platter I would love to have but I choose to wait on that till we settle into a house again. Next, we made a grocery stop and then went for a walk when we got home.

Wednesday, our cousins from Oklahoma are visiting with Willie and David so we went down to visit too.  We wanted to go to the Global Power Museum on base at Barksdale but we needed to have filled out an application and get an appointment.  Oh well, we will have to do that next year when we get back in this area.  We had lunch at Nicky's Mexican and then visited the rest of the afternoon.  As we left, one of Willie's neighbors has really gone all out with the Christmas decorations! It was awesome, everything was set to music being broadcast on an FM radio station.  We sat in front of their house for a while to watch the show.

Thursday, we did the domestic chores that everyone has to do.  What an exciting thing to share, LOL. I did visit a couple more antique stores in Ashdown.  I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without but there were some cool things there.  One of them had a six pack of "Dole Beer". It was a campaign gimmick for Bob Dole's presidential campaign.  Relevant in that Mr. Dole passed away this week. Actually, I did find a small ceramic Christmas tree that now looks great on our dash.

Friday, we went back to Haughton to visit with the fam again.  We made a baked potato bar for everyone and enjoyed the afternoon together.  I wrapped some Christmas presents I had delivered to their house. They are so good to their little sister. We got home around 7 pm and where on high alert because of the severe weather brewing.  Luckily we were on the very tail end and only got a short period of high winds.  

Saturday, nada! Please pray for all those folks who were not as lucky as we were last night.  Such horrible destruction.  Never seen a tornado that stayed on the ground for over 200 miles.

Life IS an Adventure!