Week 212: Dixie Inn, LA - We've Decided to Sell!

Feb. 19 - Feb. 25, 2023

Sunday, we spent the day emptying boxes at the new house so we will have some to transfer the stuff we need from motorhome to the house. Once we made a good dent we decided to have some crawfish at the Crawfish Hole #2. Unfortunately, they are closed on Sunday's so we opted for Los Compas again and went to bed early.

Monday, we managed to move all our essentials, except for the food, from the motorhome to the house. I am washing all the clothes we had in storage before moving them into the closet. I've had the washer and drying running almost non-stop since last Thursday.

Tuesday, we made the road trip to Monroe for the last few items. After about an hour snafu with Uhaul we loaded up the trailer and headed home. We took advantage of the trailer to move a few things from Willie's house that they have been storing for us. Our nephew-in-law Jimmy was a huge help with that! Thanks Jimmy!

Wednesday, we decided to rest. Since the Crawfish Hole #2 was closed on Sunday we decided to get our crawfish from Shane's Seafood & BBQ. They were good and under $6 a pound. We invited Willie and David to join us. They are still a little small but we enjoyed them.

Thursday, we got the food transfered to the new home today. We've decided that we are going to go ahead and sell the motorhome. This time of year is when people who want to start RVing start looking at their options. The market also seems to be good for selling right now. We started packing everything.

Friday, dang! How did we get all this stuff into the motorhome? I don't remember how long it took us to load it, but I am surprised it is taking 3 days to empty it.

Saturday, we were able to get everything out and now it's time to give it a deep clean and fix any issues like door latches and burned out light bulbs. We sure haven't made much progress unpacking at the new house but I've enjoyed the back porch nearly everyday. The yard is starting to green up and most of the plants are recovering from the freeze back in December. The azaleas are really starting to pop out.

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