Feb. 26 - Mar. 04, 2023 : The End of an Era - Haughton, LA

Feb. 26 - Mar. 04, 2023

Sunday and Monday, you'll notice I've changed the page title to remove what week number we are on. Since we are no longer living full time in the motorhome I thought that was appropriate. I'm gonna have to be a little more creative going forward with the naming. We worked hard making the coach look like new. It sure does look nice. It has served us well these last 5 years.

Tuesday, we drove the coach down to Motorhomes of Texas in Nacogdoches. We stopped at the Blue Beacon in Shreveport on the way down to give the outside a good shine too. We bought the coach from Motorhomes of Texas in 2018 so they were already familiar with it. We got the consignment sales agreement signed and headed back to Haughton. It is bitter sweet driving away from our home away from home. I hope someone new will love it as much as we have. When we got home I put my new Purple Martin house together. Thanks Willie and David!


Wednesday, we got back to work unpacking things. We still need to get the remainder of our things that Willie and David have kept safe for us these last few years. David loaned me his posthole diggers, pruning shears, and small shovel. I managed to get my sago palms trimmed of their dead fronds. I got one trash bag filled and to the street before the trash truck picked up. I'll have to get the second bag out for next week's pick up.

Thursday, I don't think we even left the house today. I finalized my list of furniture and got it ordered from IKEA, it will be delivered on Tuesday. YAY!

Friday, we took a little break today. We stopped at Office Depot to look at office chairs. I think we found something that will work for both my quilt studio and Elard's office. 2nd & Charles was next door to Office Depot so we stepped in there for what was going to just be a minute. We've never been to one before, it is an old Books-A-Millon store that is now a second had venue. They will even buy your old books, music, toys, etc. We spent way to long in there but I managed to resist everything but a book on how to care for roses. Our next stop was Lowes to buy the necessary items to put up the martin house and my new bat house, and a few gardening essentials. There aren't going to be any mosquitoes at our house this summer. After a late late lunch at Nicky's we stopped at Sam's club for fuel and to look at rugs. They had Yellowstone Bourbon for a very good price so we had to grab that. A productive day. I got a new book on straw bale gardening on a recommendation from Karen Kay, I am going to combine that method with my old Square Foot Gardner book to plan my new garden. Elard broke out his old reel to reel player and the reels! I don't think I've seen one in real life before and am AMAZED at how good Aretha Franklin sounds on it.


Saturday, after a bit of a late start to the day we got all the remaining stuff out of Willie and David house. We so appreciate them keeping our "important" stuff safe all these years. I am glad to give them back a fifth of their house! I got the hole dug for the martin house pole. I think the bat house is just going to get strapped to the corner fence post. It's been a loooong time since I've used a post hole digger. It's going to be a loong time before I use one again! LOL, we got the sleeve installed and concreted into the hole. This sleeve will let us take the martin house down if needed.

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