Week 140: Nacogdoches, Texas - Ashdown, Arkansas

Oct. 03 - Oct. 9, 2021

Sunday, well hell, I broke a tooth. Not just any tooth but one of my front teeth....you can't handle the tooth! I had already scheduled semi-annual cleanings at a dentist in Haughton so maybe they can get me in to fix this tooth.

Monday, YAY, House Family Dentistry was able to work me in and get a temporary crown in place. They say the permanent crown will be here in a couple weeks. I really liked Dr. Ike House. We also got to have lunch with my sister and brother-I-L.  Not the best way to spend my birthday but hey, at least I will be able to get my tooth fixed while we are in this area.

Tuesday, we moved to Ashdown, Arkansas, to Millwood Landing RV and Golf Resort.  They are an Ocean Canyon Properties RV Park and it looks pretty nice.  They are small with only about 40 RV spots but the area is beautiful and they have an 18 hole golf course too. Now, there aren't a whole lot of things to do in the area but if you like fishing or golf or are looking for a quiet place to rest, this is it. Texarkana is about 30 minutes south and Crater of Diamonds State Park is about an hour away. 

Wednesday and Thursday were both spent exploring the park and golf course and getting two weeks of laundry done.

Friday, Elard dropped me off at my sister's house to attend the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women's Fall Board Meeting. This year's meeting was held in Bossier and I am really happy that we were close enough for me to participate. And I invited my sister along.  It was nice to see so many familiar faces. 

Saturday, Willie and I attended several of the LFRW meetings.  We had a presentation of how the state legislature voted during the last session.  Senator Stewart Cathey, Jr gave an update on how the last session went. BESE board member Michael Melerine gave us some insight on the last few meetings.  Royal Alexander gave a speech on Cancel Culture. We chose not to stay for the dinner meeting. I picked up my car from my brother and headed back to Arkansas. It was a nice weekend.

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