Week 148: Ashdown, AR

Nov. 28 - Dec. 4, 2021

Sunday, I got on the road pretty early headed back to Millwood Landing.  I made a few stops to break up the trip and scored some excellent prices on bourbon re-supply at the Delta Chevron station just across the river from Vicksburg. I stopped for lunch in West Monroe and a refuel stop in Shreveport.  Once I got "home" Elard and I went for pizza in Ashdown.  It was only Pizza Hut but it was okay. I am glad to not have to drive anywhere for awhile.

Monday, I just slept late and did the grocery shopping. Also the laundry was really piling up so we got a start on that. 

Tuesday, we ran down to Shreveport to pick up Elard's new glasses and we met Willie and David at BeauxJax for lunch. There is an alligator statue outside and someone had filled its mouth with rocks. Also the pelican across the street, too funny.  I wish I'd gotten a picture. Maybe we will go back. We also took care of a little business with our rental management company, Diamond Property Management.  They have done a very good job for us.

Wednesday, I finally finished the laundry.  We did manage to go for a walk... we have really been slacking off on the whole exercise thing and it starting to show, on me anyway.  Elard looks great.

Thursday, we had lunch at "Jim's Place, but Carol Runs it!". Chicken fried chicken, yum yum. Next I drove down into Texarkana.  I got my oil changed, unsuccessfully tried to find a quilt shop, bought lottery tickets while on the Texas side.  Once back in Ashdown I got new rubber boots at Tractor supply, and some wrapping paper at The Dollar Tree.  I wonder if they are going to change their name next year when they go up to $1.25?   I also found some eggnog at Jerry's Drive In Liquor.  Jerry had a nice selection for such a small town.

Friday, I woke up with a sore throat so I spent the day just lazing around. I'd intended to go visit the Fam but no need to expose people unnecessarily. 

Saturday, I felt much better today but we still didn't do much. Not a very exciting week to share with you all but....

Make Life an Adventure!