Week 206: Dixie Inn, LA

Jan. 08 - 14, 2023

Sunday, what a pretty day. This time of year is so unpredictable, beautiful and sunny one day, rainy and cold the next. We visited Ellis Home and Garden with Willie and David. I am planning to have a garden this year. Karen inspired me with her straw bale garden. We had lunch at Nicky's and then just chilled the rest of the day.

Monday and Tuesday, we spent the day piddling. We are just biding time while we wait to get our closing scheduled. We won't have a problem filling the days once we actually own the house. Painting and floors, getting the garage floors epoxied, installing a tornado shelter and whole house generator, and shoping for quilt studio furniture; we want to do all those things before we move in.

Wednesday, HALLELUJAH we have a closing date scheduled for next Tuesday. Now we can proceed with all the estimates and getting work scheduled. I woke up with a HORRIBLE sore throat so I postponed my dental cleaning appointment. I didn't feel like cooking dinner, so we went to the Crawfish Hole #2; they do have boiled crawfish but the price is a bit high. I enjoyed boiled shrimp instead.

Thursday, we spent the day getting all the utilities schedule to be turned on in our names next week.

Friday, I don't think we even went outside today! It has steadily gotten colder so we surfed a lot of internet and watched a lot of TV. I'm still fighting the sore throat so there were some naps involved too. I did manage to get the laundry done so not a complete loss LOL.

Saturday, I made a grocery run, thank the Lord for curbside pickup.

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