In The Kitchen

When we first began out journey we used a French Press for our coffee. It made good coffee and it was compact so it didn't take up much space.  But, it was a bit of a pain to empty the coffee grounds.  I found these mesh, easy to store filters that just sit on top of the coffee cup.  You place it on your cup, add the amount of coffee grounds you prefer and pour hot water over the grounds. They have worked great for us and we have even taken them with us when we spend a few nights away from the motorhome.  

This ladle has very little usefulness stinking cute is it?  I love it.  It is small enough that it gets to stay in the motorhome even though it does not get so much use.

This upright rib rack for the grill is very, very useful.  It allows us to stand the ribs upright so we can fit two full racks of ribs on the grill at once.  Of course you have to cut the rib rack in half first.  They fit on a sheet pan and are surprising easy to clean, as long as you spray them with oil before you put them on the grill. Added bonus, it keeps the ribs out of the pool of grease generated while cooking.

When it comes to clean up these pans make life easy.  One of the things you NEVER want to do is pour grease down the sink in your RV.  You want to make sure to keep your lines clear.  These pans absorb the majority of the grease making it easy to toss in the trash when you are done.  I use them mainly for roasting chicken.

Cooking chicken without drying it out has always been a problem for me.  This thermometer makes that much easier.  I set the target temperature to 165┬░ and forget it. 

Cleaning lettuce or any leafy vegetable is a chore.  This makes it easy to get the job done quickly and with less mess.  I use it for lettuce, spinach, collards, and mustard greens.  

I found a host of salad dressing recipes on Pinterest.  This little gadget makes mixing them up very easy.  It also has a juicer attachment that is perfect for juicing a lemon or lime for the dressing.  Healthy and quick.

And in the morning, I'm making waffles..... I love the movie Shrek.  I bought this several months ago because I was craving waffles.  I was concerned that it was going to be an extravagance that would be too big to stay in the RV, BUT, it is perfect.  We use it about once a week. It does a great job, the only down side is that it only makes one at a time.  That's fine for me because I usually only eat one, but Elard likes two.

Coffee across the country is NOT always the best, so we keep a supply of our favorite, Community Dark Roast.  We usually don't have a problem finding it in the southeast and Amazon has it.

My knife skills are not the best but this tool makes getting everything chopped to the same size a breeze.  It even came with a safety glove to keep me from cutting myself on the mandolin blades.

Having a kitchen scale is very helpful when you are trying to size things down for just two people.

Keeping the counter clean in such a small space is always a chore.  This helps and I don't have to worry about it getting close to the burners on my cook top.

These tissues are great.  They are tough, you can scrub with them.  They are very compact and you just wet them to expand them.  I keep several in the Jeep too for quick clean ups or picnics.

You all know how I like to have a plan.  That includes meals.  Since I don't have a very big pantry I like to plan my meals out for a month at a time.  This assures that I have food in case of an emergency and that I don't let food go bad because I forgot what I was planning to do with it.  I found this pad of planners in a Good Housekeeping magazine. It is useful but I wish it was bigger, like 11 x 17.