Holt, FL Week 3

Nov. 22 - Nov. 28, 2020

Sunday, we got out and about kind of late. We did some more neighborhood exploration on the northeast corner of Crestview, Grandview Heights, Willow Creek Plantation, and the area around Possum Ridge Road. I am beginning to like Crestview more.

Monday, I was successful in getting a doctors appointment that isn't too far out, yay. We visited a couple of homes today with a few acres of land. They didn't sing to us so we drove around a few more neighborhoods. We had a late lunch at Pepper's Mexican Grill and Cantina, the food was pretty darn good. 

Tuesday, we both had our annual eye appointments today.  Dr. Batson did an excellent job and we both have new glasses.  I was pleasantly surprised with the cost, it was about half what I paid for my last pair.  Afterwards, we met up with Karen and had lunch with her mom.  It was so fun to see Marion.  Marion treated us to lunch from Pounder's Hawaiian Grill, it was wonderful. We will have to try that again while we are here.  It has a great story too, love to see hometown folks make good.

Wednesday, nothing but laundry and reading. I did prep the butternut squash for a salad I am making for tomorrow.

Thursday, we drove over to Marianna to have Thanksgiving with Willie and David.  Our contribution was a fall vegetable salad I found on Pinterest. I have never cooked butternut squash before. I roasted it and added it to the salad, along with apple, radish, and candied pecans.  It was wonderful especially with the maple syrup mustard vinaigrette, I will be cooking butternut squash again.  It was a wonderful visit.

Friday and Saturday were spent surfing the net and not much else. I also found several cookbooks for healthy and quick recipes to help with gallbladder health.  We watched a bunch of TV and just enjoyed the day. I just realized that I didn't take a single photo this week.  Oh well I'm sure that next week will provide plenty of photo opportunities.

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