Tatum, TX Week 09

Mar. 21 - Mar. 27, 2021

Sunday, we grabbed a cab to Fremont Street. The Golden Nugget Casino had $15 minimum bet tables and we spent a couple of hours playing the wheel.  I didn't win but I didn't go over my budget either.  Next we decided we would have lunch at The Heart Attack Grill. We've passed it for years, if you weigh more than 350 you eat for free. You have to be weighed on their platform scale.  They make you wear a hospital gown...I almost left because of that...  The smallest burger you can get is one patty with 5 slices of bacon, the largest is 8 patties with 40 slices of bacon. If you don't finish the burger you get a spanking on the way out (you can refuse this). There were several guys who got spanked while we were there. I really thought it would be a gag but those waitresses delivering the spanking weren't kidding around! (I finished my burger!)  The hospital gown did act as a good way to keep food off your clothes.  We strolled on down to the Container Park to visit our favorite bourbon bar Oak & Ivy. A good day.

Monday, one more day of shopping, I managed to find several things...I hope they will all fit in my suitcase. We hopped the bus down to Mandalay Bay with the intention of going to the Shark Reef aquarium.  I didn't realize they were doing timed tickets and they were sold out for the day, dang. We decided to try the Border Grill there in the Mandalay. It was good but way more expensive than it should have been.  I also didn't like our waiter. Oh well it was a good day anyway.  We just chilled the rest of the day.

Tuesday, our last day in Vegas was spent just chilling.  We read, soaked in the view, and watched some movies.  I did manage to get all my purchases into my suitcase but just barely. It has been a relaxing week here in Vegas.  There are still several casinos that aren't open and several restaurants too but they seem to be almost back.  Hopefully they will be back in full swing soon.

Wednesday, the flights went much more smoothly thankfully. We got back to Dallas around 5 and decided to have dinner before driving back to Tatum.  Mi Cocina in Irving was quite tasty.  We got home and unpacked by 10. Man there was a pile of clothes to tackle.

Thursday, most of today was spent attacking all that laundry.  I also got caught up on email and got a meeting with one of our builder candidates to review the costing for the new house. I dropped a few things off to be tailored before we headed to Vegas so I got those picked up too.

Friday, I made a quick grocery run and then CRAWFISH! My brother cooked the crawfish and we all watched! He did a great job and the crawfish were big.  I've been craving them for a month. We got to meet some of the folks that Melvin works with and my niece's husband even made it home. We had a great visit.  We also got to witness a major event in my grand nephew's life...the lose of his first tooth!

Saturday, we finally made it to the Scarlett O'Hardy's Gone With The Wind museum in Jefferson.  Willie and David met us at Auntie Skinner's for lunch and then we all went to the museum.  The lady there was very knowledgeable.  She had a huge collection of posters from other countries. I bought a Hallmark Christmas ornament of Scarlet on her vanity stool from the scene where she tell Rhett she doesn't want to have more children. We all also visited a couple of the antique shops.  I finally scored several of casserole dishes I've been searching for.  A good end to the week but the weather got horrible after 5 pm.  We were luckily missed by a tornado that went just south east of us. 

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