Week 153: Nacogdoches and Glen Rose, TX

Jan. 02 - 08, 2022

Sunday, we spent all day today getting the coach ready for service on Monday.  The main issue this time is the anti-lock braking system.  The light is coming on intermittently.  And then there are always little things that need attention.  We managed to get everything arranged so that we could watch the season finale of Yellowstone!  I can't wait to see what Beth is up to.

Monday, I worked on what resolutions I might tackle this year.  I came up with a few. Like 90 million other people one of them has to do with weight loss. I am going to give eating Keto a try this year. Dr. Anna Cabeca has written 3 books; The Hormone Fix, Keto Green 16, and Menu Pause.  My sister-in-law introduced me to The Hormone Fix and I like what Dr. Cabeca has to say in it. I promise this won't become a weight loss or diet blog. Another resolution is to get a sunset picture every day this year.  It will make a cool collage at the end of the year don't you think? The Foretravel crew did a great job today but didn't quite get finished. We enjoyed some Chinese food at Peking for lunch and some yummy spaghetti and meat balls at Auntie Pasta's for dinner.  I don't like to cook in the coach when we are here for service. We have to have everything ready to travel by 7:15 am so we can get the coach into the service bay early.  It is a pain to take everything out, cook, put everything back.  

Tuesday, the service crew finished a little after lunch but now there is an air leak somewhere in the leveling system.  We'll need to stay one more day to get that taken care of. I was able to get our reservations for our next location moved out one day. We enjoyed some Raising Canes for lunch and left overs for dinner. 

Wednesday, the service crew managed to get us back into the service bay first thing this morning and got us fixed by about 11 am.  We decided to hang out here one more night just to make sure the air system is really fixed.  It does not take much of a leak to make the leveling system start cycling frequently. It doesn't bother us too much but it can be noisy for any neighbors we park next too.  The air compressor isn't too loud but when the system exhausts air to adjust the level it is very loud. This time of year can be especially difficult with the huge temperature swings that can happen in a day. You know, 80 during the day then 40 at night. I still feel sorry for those poor boy scouts who were camping right next to us a couple years ago.  We enjoyed a good dinner at Clear Springs Restaurant, always a good place to eat if you're ever in Nacogdoches.

Thursday, everything held tight last night so we hit the road to Tres Rios RV Resort in Glen Rose, TX. This park is another Ocean Canyon Properties campground.  It is bordered on three sides by three rivers. Well, one river and two creeks, thus Tres Rios. It would be cool to be here in the spring, you could get some good kayaking in for sure. We enjoyed dinner at The Big Cup Eatery in Glen Rose. They have a little bit of everything on the menu. The food was good.  

Friday, we didn't do much.  Elard spent the day packing for his ski trip and I read all day, preparing menus and grocery lists to kick off my experiment with Keto eating.  It is turning cold too, this happened last year when Elard left to go skiing.  Luckily he bought a heated water hose so I won't have to disconnect anything to keep the water from freezing up.  

Saturday, we had to get up really early to get to the airport, DFW is almost 2 hours from the RV park. Elard got an awesome price on the ticket to Denver.  After dropping him off I did some grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day washing vegetable.  The kid who checked me out at the grocery store commented on how many vegetables I bought.  I laughed and said yeah, we'll see if they actually get cooked or just go thru the normal 14 day refrigerator cycle, LOL.

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