Sheridan, Wyoming

Aug 23 - Aug 29, 2020

Sunday, we made a short move to the KOA in Greycliff Montana for just one day. We got all set up and watched the Yellowstone marathon.  I really, really, really hated the season ending!  What is happening? Who did it? When does the next season start? arrggghh.

Monday, we have made the turn south.  We are still two months from getting back south but we have made the turn.  We are now in Wyoming at the Sheridan KOA.  It is a bit warm, 91, but the humidity is 13%! I didn't know it could get that low! The Big Horn Mountains are pretty but the haze from all the wildfires out west is here too.  Hopefully it will go away soon.

Tuesday, weelll, today was an expensive driving tour day.  We drove thru the Big Horn Mountains and missed a speed limit sign. So speeding ticket time, I thought for a minute he was going to let us off with a warning but nope. Other than that it was a great day.  The drive through the Big Horns was beautiful!  They have signs along the highway as you climb indicating the era the rock formations are from.  There was a great waterfall in the Shell Canyon, Shell Falls.  Water is so powerful.  We found a small museum of aerial firefighting, Museum of Flight & Aerial Firefighting. They had several examples of planes used to drop fire retardant.  There were several bunny rabbits taking advantage of the shade of the aircraft.  We stopped at the Ten Sleep Brewery but the line was a bit long.  We ended the drive by making a drive thru Ucross, population 25.  One of my favorite author's, Craig Johnson, has a ranch here but we did not see him or his truck.  I had to take a picture of the Ucross sign though, and some of the feathered residents.  I guess the real end of the drive was at the Wyoming Rib and Chop House.  We had a good dinner and one of the local regulars stopped at our table on his way in.  He asked Elard, "Does she remember what one strawberry said to the other?"  I told him no, I had completely forgotten.  He said, "If you weren't so sweet, we wouldn't be in this jam!"  We both laughed and he went on over to the bar for his dinner.  He was a cutie.  

Wednesday, we just chilled out today.  We made a run to the RV supply store for a new sewer hose but other than that we didn't do much.  We did manage to find some more Wilcoxson's ice cream! And I painted a few rocks to hide on our travels.

Thursday, today we visited two museums.  First was the Museum at the Bighorns. They had two impressive dioramas showing Sheridan in 1888 and the coal mining town of Monarch. Such detail, these were on a smaller scale than those in the Louisiana Exhibit in Shreveport and were nearly as impressive. They had several exhibits on the history of the area, rodeo's, ranching, Native American life, all of it. Next we visited the Trail End state historic site.  It was the home of John B. Kendrick, rancher, governor of Wyoming, and Senator for Wyoming. It is a very nice home that they worked hard to build. I could live there for sure.  We had a bit of rain while we were in the home which cooled things off nicely.  When we walked out of the house to the street we saw three deer on the lawn of the home across the street.  They completely ignored us. I think the rain is helping with the smoke haze.

Friday, we got a late start today but made it out to see a few more things.  We started with the Brinton Museum.  The Quarter Circle A Ranch, now museum.  Mr. Brinton had a large collection of black and white Frederick Remington prints.  Beautiful. We toured the museum and the home.  Next we drove down to Buffalo WY in search of Red Pony Salsa...I learned about if from my favorite author Craig Johnson.  The gentleman whom one of his character's Omar is based on has created salsa and I wanted to try it.  We found the salsa at the Longmire Headquarters. We were too late to eat at The Busy Bee.  We drove back up thru Ucross to Clearmont in search of the Red Pony bloody mary mix to go with the salsa.  We got the last bottle available at the Clear Creek Stop.  I was secretly hoping we would stumble across Craig Johnson but it was not to be.

Saturday, we didn't do much of anything today.  I spent most of the day outside enjoying the day while adding clamshells to the travel quilt.  I managed to almost add a full row.  All while Elard did the laundry.

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