Week 209: Nacogdoches, TX - Dixie Inn, LA

Jan. 29 - Feb. 04, 2023

Sunday, the rain gave us a bit of a break this morning so that we could get the Jeep hooked up and make our move down to Nacogdoches. It looks like it is going to be raining for the next several days. I do not plan to do any cooking while we are here so we will be enjoying some of our favorite restaurants here in the Nac.

Monday, we spent the day hanging out in the customer lounge. The rain took mercy on us long enough to get the slides dried off and pulled in so that we could move to the service bay. I decided to throw Keto out the window today and bought us a dozen Shipley's Donuts for breakfast! We met the CEO of the Foretravel Motorcade Club and his wife in the lounge today. They are having annual service done and conducting Motorcade business. They are a very nice couple, Russel and Susan Miller. We had fun chatting with them and another couple all day. The service department here usually do a good job of wrapping up the work each day and giving the coach back to us for the evening. Today they gave it to us but the heat system was not working properly and they were gone by the time we realized it. We enjoyed dinner at The Jalapeno Tree and then visited Spec's to restock our Yellowstone bourbon stash. Once home we switched our heating system to the heat pumps on the roof. I think this is the first time we've ever used it.

Tuesday, last night we decided to leave the slides pulled in so that we wouldn't have to deal with drying them off this morning. It was a very good decision! The heat pumps did a good job keeping us warm. Our paint contractor is also showing up this at the house this morning, YAY! David let them in bright and early and I drove back to the house to give Mark a key so they wouldn't have to wait on us. I was impressed by how much they got done in one day. I returned to Nacogdoches and we enjoyed dinner at CC's Smokehouse.

Wednesday, bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits started the day. Another day of chatting and visiting in the customer lounge. They didn't quite get finished today so we have one more night here. We enjoyed a late lunch at the Butcher Boys, so good. That gave us some leftovers for dinner.

Thursday, rain, rain, rain... The service department got us finished around 11. It was raining so much we decided that we wouldn't bother hooking up for the drive back to Cinnamon Creek RV. The rain broke just about the time we arrived so we were able to set up without getting wet. But the temperature is going to drop to freezing over the next few days.  We made a run over to the house to check on progress. They are almost done! Every thing except the bonus room looks great! I don't like my color choice for the bonus room but I am sure Mark can work something out. They have all the kitchen cabinets painted and one side of all the cabinet doors done.

Friday, we met Mark V. around noon to change the color of the bonus room and he said it won't be a problem to change it. He also said that they should be finished by Tuesday. Well except for the final touch up for the quilt studio. The floor guys say that they should be able to deliver the wood on Tuesday and get it installed on Thursday. Mark said that he can refinish the front door for us. It really needs it so we asked him to quote it and give us an idea of how long it will take. Things are moving along nicely.

Saturday, we enjoyed a nice long sleep in today. Nice to not have to be anywhere...how did I ever work every day LOL? It was a beautiful sunshiny day for once! We enjoyed it and did the laundry at the RV.

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