Holt, FL Week 2

Nov. 15 - Nov. 21, 2020

Sunday, we spent the day exploring the business side of Crestview.  The area is nice, they've done a great job on their historic main street. Most everything looks well maintained.  The Kays did a ride along with us to provide context.  You have to drive kinda slow when you're really checking out buildings and it occurred to me that "we were out for a Sunday drive!" LOL. At least I didn't get honked at, so I feel like I did a good job.  We had a shark siting, not sure where this came from.  We stopped for some ice cream at Polar Bear Ice Cream & Coffee just to round out the whole Sunday drive theme.

Monday, Elard and I explored some more areas around Crestview including Auburn, Laurel Hill, Cannon Town, and Baker.  We found some definite possibilities and found a great little café that reminded me of "Smith's" in Sterlington back in the day, The Gator Grill.  Chicken Fried Steak, grilled pork chops, limas, fried okra, and banana pudding, well we didn't have room for the banana pudding so we will have to go back.

Tuesday, we went for lunch at the Shrimp Basket down in Destin with the Kays, $0.75 raw oysters, yum! We were going to get some fresh seafood from Sexton's Seafood Market but they were closed.  Sooo, no we didn't find a brewery (this time) but we took a drive along Scenic 98....WOW...that water is amazing! It is so freaking pretty down there. Way too much traffic in the summertime, but it wasn't overwhelming today.  I'm not sure if that is because of COVID or the time of year.

Wednesday, we just chilled out, we took a long walk around the park and the temperature was great.  I managed to use the on site laundry to get my rugs and quilt washed.  They are just too big for our washer and dryer. (It's the small things in life right?) We also prepped for our cookout we are having tomorrow.  We ended the day with The Mandalorian.

Thursday, Willie and David brought salad and dessert, Ron and Karen brought stuffed mashed potatoes, and Elard cooked a pork loin on the grill.  I used the dry rub from a chicken wing recipe I found on Pinterest from The Chunky Chef, it is so good on the wings that I thought it would work well on the pork.  I was right. The temperature was great for sitting outside around the campsite. We discussed all the worlds problems and came up with several solutions LOL. This simple act of sharing a meal with good friends is so fulfilling. We really enjoyed it.

Friday, well hell, I am having another gallbladder attack. Looks like it is time to make a doctors appointment.  Of course the doctor I want to use, his office is closed this afternoon so I will have to wait till Monday.  Good thing I still have some drugs from the last big attack in Nebraska.

Saturday, I feel much much better today.  We missed the chili cookoff over in Ponce De Leon but we managed a nice walk around the RV Park and the Yellowstone marathon started.  We get to re-watch every episode over the next 3 days! Go Beth Dutton.

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