Oklahoma City, OK - Week 2

Mar. 29 - Apr. 04, 2020

Sunday, we moved to the monthly area of the RV park. The sites are a little wider and the cost is much less on a daily basis. I spent the rest of the day taking our daily walk (2.8 miles today) and then updating the menus for the next 4 weeks.  My goal is to keep the pantry/freezer stocked with a month of meals.  After updating the menu plan I was able to make a Walmart pickup order for tomorrow.

Monday, I was a little late getting out for the walk today.  Rain was forecast for about 2 pm and I didn't leave the RV until 11 a.m. As I made it back to within a quarter mile of the house, I saw lighting, yikes.  I made it back to the RV about 5 minutes before the bottom dropped out.  I made it to my Walmart pickup without too much trouble, it was just sprinkling.  So with the rain, we didn't do much else.  I did manage to get another quilt block done.

Tuesday, a beautiful day today, we managed a 2.5 mile walk today.  More internet surfing and I started watching the "Tiger King" that everyone has been posting about on Facebook etc.  What a S&^t show! Like a horrible accident, you can't look away.  That is several hours of my life I won't get back.  I did manage to get a few clam shells added to the travel quilt so the day is not a complete loss.

Wednesday, this makes a 10 day streak of at least a 2 mile walk per day.  Important to get outside, safely, during this "Stay-at-home" time.  I even started taking my temperature twice a day to assure that I am not a secret carrier of Covid-19 before we go visit Maralyn in a couple weeks. We have managed to re-binge the Mandalorian, watch the last season of The Man in the High Castle, the new season of Jack Ryan, and started the new series Another Life.  Hated the The Man in the High Castle ending, lame.  Love Jack Ryan because of my love for Tom Clancy.  And Another Life...AWESOME.

Thursday, well I got lazy and did not go for a walk. It was kind of dreary and I was hand stitching today.   

Friday, whoa, who turned on the freezer?  It was 30 degrees this morning and only got above 37! No walk today either, but we did make a Sam's run to restock on meat.  I am much more comfortable with the freezer full now.  I am really trying to stay positive with all the news.  I really believe we are going to be thru this by the end of May.  I have managed to adjust our reservations thru the middle of May and will wait a couple more weeks to decide whether we return to Florida the rest of the year or whether we restart our travels from here.

Saturday, today's high was only 43, so no walk again.  I managed to finish my last quilt block for the back of the travel quilt.  They are turning out cute.  We actually ordered out for dinner today.  There is an Ichiban Hibachi Grill very near the RV park and I am tired of cooking EVERY meal.  It was weird, but very tasty.  It's been a long time since I've had sushi rolls. 

Adventure On Y'all!