Oklahoma City, OK - Week 4

Apr. 12 - Apr. 18, 2020

Sunday, wow we woke up to the pitter-patter of hail on the roof and wind rocking the motorhome.  Fortunately it was not bad enough to need shelter. It was small hail and didn't last long but the wind lasted nearly all day.  I am really impressed with my hummingbird feeder that suction cups to the window.  It was still in perfect place even with the wind and hail. The temperature dropped all day long so we did not go for a walk. We didn't do a lot.

Monday, so today was not windy but is was still cold.  We didn't go for a walk but I did refresh the hummingbird food....even though I haven't seen any birds yet.  We stayed inside, not much going on, I watched a lot of YouTube videos.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both cold so we stayed inside.  I don't think we ever left the house on Wednesday!  I am caught up on all the YouTube chanels I follow, menu planning, and photo editing.

Thursday, finally a nice day for a walk, I actually up'd it to 4 miles. Then laundry..fun times!

Friday, cold again. I had a Walmart pickup order scheduled but they cancelled it!  I've not had that happen before, they said it was because of increased demand.  I re-ordered everything for Sunday...we'll see how that goes.

Saturday, another nice 4 mile walk and nothing else...I've got to break out the sewing machine or something!

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