Week 208: Dixie Inn, LA

Jan. 22 - 28, 2023

Sunday, I slept in today. There were a couple more little tasks we wanted to do at the new house and quite frankly it is nice to have so much room to move around in LOL. I spent most of the day working on the blog and doing the menu/grocery shopping lists. It will be something to have more than a 10 in. x 20 in. area to do cooking prep! Just few more weeks.

Monday, we got Terminix to come do an inspection and make sure the termite contract is continued. I restocked on cold medicine and filled a craving for fried chicken with a stop at Popeye's, a good day.

Tuesday, it was a very rainy day, it really poured! It was a very good opportunity to see how heavy rain flow impacts the house. Everything looked pretty good and all the different areas of the house drained like they should. We aren't at the highest point in the neighborhood, but we are close.

Wednesday, Willie tagged along with me. We discovered a broken globe on our chandelier so I stopped at House of Carpets and Lighting over in Shreveport to see what is available. Of course there was nothing to match the 12 year old style. We visited several antique shops and just enjoyed the day. After a grocery pickup, we all went to Crawfish Hole #2 for dinner. The price of crawfish is falling but still a bit high for me.

Thursday, we visited with our financial advisor at Dragonstone Solutions. John Kelly has been a great friend and advisor for many years. Buying a house is expensive! Since we were in Monroe, we stopped by our storage unit to get some tools and ladders. And wouldn't you know it we ran into Cherry Sue Price! We loved seeing you lady!

Friday, we made our selections on contractors and the flooring guys showed up today to stretch the carpets. Kelly's Custom Flooring did a great job and made quick work of the stretching and removing the carpet from the quilt studio. The wood for the quilt studio floor will take another week to arrive. Our paint contractor, Mark Villareal at Aim to Please Painting, also came over to identify all the paint colors. I continued the search for replacement light globes, I think I've found a few designs that might work. A very productive day.

Saturday, we gave Melvin and Terrie the grand tour of the house today. Both of our contractors were Melvin's recommendations. We spent the rest of the day getting ready to roll. We have an appointment at Foretravel to get the annual service things done.

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