Oklahoma City, OK - Week 1

Mar. 22 - Mar. 28, 2020

Sunday, we moved to Oklahoma City.  Such a dreary drive, at least it wasn't that long.  Spring is definitely springing! At least half the trees along I-35 are budding and so many beautiful red bud blossoms.  Our new RV park is between the North Canadian River and I-40.  They have several live buffalo on site and they sell buffalo meat. There is a 12 mile walking/biking trail passing the RV park along the river to downtown! Hopefully the weather will be nice enough to take advantage of this.  I have seen dozens of billboards in Oklahoma for marijuana....and have passed several dispensaries. Might make quarantine easier?  We got set up and chilled for the rest of the evening and we picked up our Walmart order.  As of right now all the museums are closed but the outside spaces are still open.  

Monday, I slept REALLY late today.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon sewing.  I am making face masks for my niece and sister-in-law who are both nurses.  I know, I know, I know, they won't provide the protection that an N95 mask will. The sun popped out around 5 pm so I decided to go for a walk on the trail.  It was nice, I met 5 bicyclists and a lady walking her dog. It was a nice 2 mile walk.  I cheated on putting all the sewing things away tonight and just stashed them on one of the dinette benches.  After dinner we watched the Accountant again.  I think we are going to really stay isolated at home for the next 14 days, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy, and as long as the WiFi holds out, Elard will be fine too. This may provide for some pretty boring reading for you guys.... Tell us what you are guys are up to!

Tuesday, I talked Elard into going for a walk with me today.  The trail is awesome.  A couple of nice parks along the trail too. We saw several folks fishing.  I finished 11 masks for Jessie and Terrie and got them in the mail today.  It was all the fabric I had.  They will tell me if they need more and I can go shopping. I also managed to get some work done on my new sewing machine bag.  I replaced the binding on the edges which required some time with Jack, the seam ripper.  A quarter inch makes a big difference.  We have had to consciously turn the channel from the 24/7 coverage of the virus. It is easy to think we are all going to die if all you watch is the "news".  We really do live a great life in a great country.

Wednesday, another beautiful day for a walk and another sew day. I not only got the new sewing machine bag finished but also a new matching "tool" bag. I also finished a little fabric box to capture "things".  Everyone needs a little box to capture "things" right?  Elard spent some time working on an infrared sensor to the back TV system.  I think he still has some work to do there but I interrupted him to cook a steak for dinner.  I did some research on where we might go to explore OK City, in a responsible manner, while we are here.  Route 66 road trip?

Thursday, I am loving the weather! It is in the 90's and full sun.  Another good walk this morning.  I asked Elard to make a couple more adjustment holes for my little computer table. Now that he has a drill it was pretty easy.  Today I worked on the travel quilt and the Daisy Do quilt (Jen Kingwell) hand stitching doesn't require much equipment so its much easier to start and stop. The travel quilt is going to be so pretty.

Friday, another beautiful day.  We did have a short lived thunderstorm around 1 pm but we managed to get our daily walk in before that happened.  Didn't do much today, I have three quilt blocks cut out from my original travel quilt design, it took me all afternoon to get one stitched together. I realized that I had cut the pieces out wrong, but I like the way it turned out anyway, so score one for design choice! 

Saturday, I am really glad to have Elard along. Apparently, there were hellacious storms raging thru here early this morning and I never heard the weather radio go off, none of the three times it went off.  I asked him to not go to the shelter without me, lol.  We have been discussing what to do about our travel during this time of "Stay At Home" orders.  I think that we will know more next week but for now we've decided that we are going to just stay put here in Oklahoma City thru the end of April.  We still plan to visit Maralyn in Ponca City during that time but if we are going to "stuck" in a town, we wanted it to be a little bigger than Ponca City. Also, having the walking/biking trail right here by the park is awesome.  By mid-April we hope to have a better idea of whether this is going to continue thru the summer or not.  If it looks like everything we want to see is going to be closed thru June then we may just head back to Florida for the rest of the year and start over next year.  That would definitely let us get a even better feel of whether we really want to live there permanently.  We made a run to Byron's Liquor Warehouse this afternoon.  They were only allowing 10 customers in the store at a time so we had to wait in line for a few minutes to get in.  It was SO worth it, we scored the 1.75 L Weller Special Reserve for only $38 per bottle and a bottle of Blanton's for less than $60! (we have our priorities straight right?) We also filled up for $0.99 per gallon! Yes $0.99. It didn't take much to fill up but we just could not pass that up. 

Stay Safe Everyone and keep making life an Adventure!