Lafayette and Pensacola

Oct. 25 - Oct. 31, 2020

Sunday, so the first thing we did this morning was to check the weather channel and figure out what Hurricane Zeta is going to do to us.  We decided to shift our schedule by a few days.  We will stay here in Lafayette until Thursday instead of leaving Monday.  The bright side here is that we get to go to The Little Big Cup again! The temperature was awesome today and I took advantage by painting a few rocks and get in a couple miles walking.  We also had to catch up on laundry too. The RV spots at Foretravel only have water and electric hook-ups so we didn't do laundry there. Elard cooked the stuffed pork chops from Don's and they were soo good.

Monday, we don't have much to do here in Lafayette today.  The weather is nice and I did take a nice walk.  I got the blog post for last week up and listened to some Joe Rogan and Mike Rowe podcasts. We've seen all the museums (those that are open during the 'Rona) while we were here last December.  It should start raining tomorrow so maybe I'll get some books read and maybe some 2021 planning done. The new Jack Reacher book, The Sentinel, does drop tomorrow.  Oh, and the new season of The Mandalorian starts Friday so we decided to re-watch the first season.

Tuesday, we visited The Little Big Cup again for lunch today. I had the sautéed seafood tower and Elard had their dressing stuffed chicken breast and we split their Crawfish Boulette appetizer. All were wonderful.  We made it home in time for me to get a walk in before the rain started.  

Wednesday, a lazy uneventful day. It didn't rain much last night and we made time for a walk today. I was going to read today but instead I started listening to Joe Rogan podcasts with some of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan and Dan Aykroyd.  Joe is out there and he talks to EVERYONE. I was waiting for the rain all day but it never really came, not complaining. 

Thursday, today we moved to Avalon Landing RV just on the east side of Escambia Bay.  We headed out around 10 hoping that the fuel stop in Slidell would have power back by the time we got there. We were able to give them an extra 40 minutes by getting "stuck" at the bridge over the Mississippi in Baton Rouge.  There was a big truck broke down in the right hand lane right where I-10 and I-110 split on the east side of the river.  At least the TA truck stop had power back so we could top off before leaving Louisiana!  I walked over to the Raising Canes next door to the truck stop and had to order via the phone.  They filled the order almost immediately, well it was wrong but fast!  It was fine and we enjoyed it quickly before we got back on the road. At least I-10 on the east side of the Mississippi was better.  We did see quite a bit of storm damage between Slidell and Gulfport, trees and billboards.  We arrived in Pensacola at Avalon Landing around 4 and wow this place is awesome. Our site is a pull-in site with a great view of the marsh along Indian Bayou. We got our camp set up and then took off for my sister's house in Marianna.  They made us a great dinner and we opened all the mail they have been collecting for us for the last 11 months! Thank you so much guys.  We enjoyed a great visit.

Friday, our top priority today was to go vote! We'd requested absentee ballots early this year not knowing if we would be back in time to vote in person.  We did vote in person today and were able to get right in with no line. I like the way Florida does it, you complete a paper ballot and scan it into their system. The paper ballot allows a backup way to count if the electric system has an issue (no hanging chads!).  We were in and out in about 10 minutes.  My sister had a great breakfast ready when we got back from voting.  We had a great chat with her and my brother-in-law and around noon, Elard and I headed back to Pensacola with our stack of mail.  I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine out on the patio overlooking the bayou. It was quite cool outside and around 5 I had to move back inside, but I raised the shades that block the windshield to continue to enjoy the view.  It was nice to sit there with a glass of wine, my Kindle, and the view.  After the sunset I made dinner and plan to go to bed early to make up for getting up so early.

Saturday, I spent nearly all day outside today, reading the new Jack Reacher book by Lee Child and enjoying the beautiful day and view.  I managed to loop the camp ground enough times to get in a 2 mile walk. I made an excellent squash casserole for dinner and Elard grilled some deer sausage that we got at Don's in Lafayette.  I think the sausage did not agree with my gall bladder, but dang it was good.  I made a final grocery run and we watched the new Mandalorian episode.  Life is good.

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