Nacogdoches and Shreveport

Jan. 12 - Jan. 25, 2020

There has not been that much adventure in the last 2 weeks.  Elard had a good trip with his ski buddies, except for that one face plant. I had a good time chilling with my brother and sister-in-law. I found the fabric for my grandnephew's twin quilts and the Fabric Boutique in Shreveport let me use their cutting table to cut the fabric into strips so that I can sub-cut it later in the motorhome.  Trying to cut 5.5 yards into 7 by 8 inch triangles is nearly impossible on my 2x2 foot kitchen counter in the motorhome! And I got to chat with several ladies there for a sit-n-sew day.

We are still troubleshooting the noise being made by the motorhome's transmission braking system.  The good news is that it is not in what they call the 3rd member, aka chunk, aka differential.  The bad news is that it is NOT the 3rd member so we don't know what the problem is. The folks at Lonestar Truck Group took very good care of us to rule out the 3rd member; Thank you Jim and Jason!  We now have an appointment with United Engines next Wednesday to look further into the transmission and retarder end of the system.  That means that we are "stuck" in Shreveport for at least another week.  We should know by Friday what the issue is and what it will take to resolve it....wish us luck...

Meanwhile, I took advantage of being stuck to attend the Modern Quilt Quilt meeting on Saturday.  So much fun to hang out and stitch with this crazy fun group of ladies. I finished the second row of my clam shell travel quilt. Maybe we'll be stuck long enough for me to go to the February meetings too.  I've also signed up for a quilting retreat at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Jenny Doan and her daughters will be teaching at this, 1st ever Doan Girl's Retreat, the 3rd week of February. As of right this minute, (Sat. the 25th at 9 pm eastern) there are 6 beds available for this retreat.  I will leave Elard with the Coach and probably rent a car to drive up to Hamilton, Missouri from where ever we are at that time....which could still be Shreveport.

Make Life an Adventure Y'all!