Week 144: Pass Christian, MS - Eastpoint, FL

Oct. 31 - Nov. 06, 2021

Sunday, I enjoyed some more work on the travel quilt. It was a beautiful, cool day on the patio. I am caught up with all the fabric I had cut out so far. We went for dinner Sea Level in Pass Christian at sunset.  Sea Level is a taco stand basically with picnic tables.  It was an awesome sunset.  

Monday, we spent some time at Kay Jewelers.  I lost a diamond on my wedding ring and wanted to get it replaced.  We found out that my emerald has a small crack.  We had it turned into a pendant so that I can protect it from further damage. We found a beautiful replacement ring set.  We had lunch at The Reef.  The view was great and the weather has been perfect the last few days.  After lunch we enjoyed a stroll on the boardwalk before heading home.  I think I may have taken out Christmas card photo.

Tuesday, I found a nice salon to get a hair cut.  Dawn at Studio 4 did a great job.  Elard took care of getting the oil changed in the jeep.  We spent the evening watching re-runs of Dexter. There is a new Dexter series starting on Sunday so they are replaying all the old episodes in the run-up to the premier.

Wednesday, another beautiful day. I spent most of the day on the patio reading magazines. I hope this weather continues to hold. We got our afternoon walk in and I was able to get a picture of the beautiful live oak at the park entrance with out all the goofy Halloween decorations. This is our last day here but we will definitely be back at this park in the future.

Thursday, moving day.  We are on the way to Eastpoint, FL for the Apalachicola Seafood Festival.  We've been trying to go to the festival for a while.  First time we tried Hurricane Michael had other plans.  Next, was last year....COVID.  Third time is the charm right? We made Crestview a stop over for the night so that we could pick up our mail from our mail service and have dinner at Pounders. Pounders NEVER disappoints.

Friday, we headed out for Eastpoint early-ish hoping to get there and get set up before the rain started.  No such luck.  We refueled in Marianna and made it about 15 miles north of Eastpoint when the rain started.  At least it was a gentle rain and we didn't get too wet getting checked in and set up. At least I can watch the rain on the bay thru the front window.  Life is still good.  We decided not to go down for the blessing of the fleet.  I am not even sure if they had it with the rain.  We enjoyed some chicken salad sandwiches and I watched the bay over the unoccupied site in front of us until the sun went down.

Saturday, it was a beautiful day for sure.  We headed over to Apalachicola for the Seafood Festival and their parade.  It reminds me a little of Lucedale from the size and feel of the place.  We found a parking spot and walked down Hwy 98 to the Piggly Wiggly and the start of the parade.  It was fun and they had some cute floats and nice throws.  I especially liked the Forest Service "float" with Smokey the Bear on a bulldozer.  Once the parade was done we walked to the waterfront park where the festival grounds were set up.  We didn't partake of the rides but we looked at all the arts and crafts before heading to the food tents.  Elard found some honey but I didn't see anything I couldn't live without.  It is the Florida Seafood Festival but there were two food trucks that were Maryland crabs... We sampled a couple of offerings and they were pretty good.  We should have started at the other end of the booths where the churches and such were.  Once we'd seen all the booths we headed home.  I enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon on the patio pelican watching.  Once the shade reached me it was too cold to sit outside so I took up watching thru the windshield.  It was almost dark when new folks arrived on the site right in front of us.  I know they think I was just watching them but I really wasn't.

Adventure On Y'all!