Full-time RV travel while quilting?

Exploring America in our motorhome has been a long time goal for my husband and I.  Now that we are retired we are achieving that goal.  We are zig-zagging across the lower 48 states;  North in the summer, South in the winter.  We started in Mobile, AL at Meaher State Park in Feb. 2019.  You will find reviews of the points of interest we've seen, RV parks we've visited, restaurants we've tried, and of course quilt shops I've found along the way as we crisscross the country.  Enjoy the pictures and stories of our adventures.

Being an avid quilter, loosing my quilt "studio" is taking some getting used to.  My "studio" was really just a spare bedroom, but it was nearly as big as the entire motorhome is now.  Well, truly, moving from 3000 square feet to 300 square feet has taken some getting used to.  The motorhome is essentially 300 square feet, and we have a 300 square foot storage unit.  I've shared how we made the decisions of what to keep and what to just let go.  How do you decide where to go next?  How do we manage costs?  Do we cook or eat out?  How do I quilt in such a small space.  You'll find all that information here.