Week 145: Eastpoint, FL - Langston, AL

Nov. 07 - Nov. 13, 2021

Sunday, no schedule today.  I enjoyed two cups of coffee on the patio and read until lunchtime.  We drove over to St. George Island to our favorite The Blue Parrot.  The views are unbeatable and the food is pretty good too. On the way home we stopped at Lynn's Quality Oysters and Seafood Market to pick up some shrimp, scallops, and oysters to enjoy over the next few days. As you probably guessed, I spent the remainder of the daylight hours out on the patio.  The weather was perfect and the sunsets have been stunning.  Once the sun went down the evening was very busy with premiers of all sorts.  Yellowstone - who doesn't love Rip and who else would use that particular killing device.  Condor - dude when you hear a noise investigate thoroughly!  And finally, Dexter New Blood - how in the h@$$ did your son find you and where is Hanna?  I actually only made it thru Yellowstone, the rest are recorded.

Monday and Tuesday, moving days.  I always hate to leave Coastline RV Resort, but we will be back I am sure.  We drove to Montgomery for an overnight at The Woods RV Park just off I-65.  It is very roomy and not as noisy as you'd expect.  The only bad thing is that they don't have a good way to get back on I-65.  We did a loop to the south past the Hyundai plant.  We arrived at Mountain Lakes RV Resort right on Lake Guntersville around 3 pm.  This is one of our Ocean Canyon Property parks.  It was an uneventful drive for the most part but I really wish they had a little bit better truck roads to get to the park.  We will enjoy a couple of weeks here before heading back closer to Louisiana for the holidays.  There are not nearly as many people here as there were back in May and we expect it to be quite a bit cooler too. 

Wednesday, with the time change it got dark so early yesterday that I didn't get to enjoy much time outside.  Our camping spot here this time is not quite as close to the water and the other campers have the nerve to park in their own campsites in a way that blocks my view of the water! Can you even believe that!(~grin~) I took advantage of the campground laundry to get my rugs clean and enjoyed the patio.  We got a walk in just before the sunset. The sunsets are really pretty over Lake Guntersville.

Thursday, I tried to get the safety chain on one of my bracelets repaired at a local jewelry store but they were closed for some reason.  We drove around Arab, AL for a bit and then headed to Albertville to explore a little before the rain starts.  We decided to stop for lunch at Ruby's Mexican Grill and Cantina.  There were a lot of cars outside so we felt it must be good.  They have a buffet which is not something I've seen in a Mexican restaurant.  They had zero spice on the food, I mean not even salt and pepper it seemed.  But they brought us hot sauce and sliced jalapenos so we managed fine.  We won't go back though.  There were a couple of stores in Guntersville that I wanted to visit so I talked Elard into going there.  The Monkey's Uncle was a great little gift shop.  I spent a lot of time there and resisted buying too much.  I got a Christmas ornament, a hostess gift, and a cute tea towel printed with Lake Guntersville and its outline.  It started to rain while I was in there so I stayed under the awnings and visited two other shops while I waited for the rain to stop. The Red Elephant Marketplace, which is an indoor flea market, and Antiques & Sweets, which was an antiques store with some homemade goodies included.  Both stores were worth the browsing time.  We got home just before 4 and hung out for the evening.

Friday, I treated myself with a pedicure, which always feels nice. Elard got his Covid booster and we got some grocery shopping done.  We had to rush to get our walk in before dark, but we managed it.  The sunset was nice and the temperature is definitely dropping.  It is supposed to dip into the 30s tonight but hopefully not freeze.

Saturday, we goofed off all day then decided to take in the sunset at Lake Guntersville State Park.  They have a beautiful lodge on the side of the hill with some awesome views.  Their nightly rates are not too bad, would be a great place to spend the weekend.  We were going to have dinner there but they only had a BBQ buffet. They didn't have enough staff to serve from their menu.  We decided to just cook something back home.  The park has a pretty large deer population and they were lining the roads into and around the park.  They have a nice campground as well. All right on the lake.  Nice day.

Adventure On Y'all!