Oklahoma City, OK - Week 6

Apr. 26 - May 02, 2020

Sunday and Monday didn't have a lot going on.  We did get a supply of fresh veggies from Walmart pickup.  The weather has been great. I spent Monday evening doing a little hand stitching on the travel quilt while sitting outside. Our next door neighbors are a couple from near Harrisburg PA, very nice folks who are also full-timing.

Tuesday, I have been expecting this to happen on our daily walks and today it finally happened...SNAKE! I thought it was a rattlesnake and thought I was going to have to kill Elard myself, for getting so close to it.  But it is a bull snake (we think) and they eat pocket gophers so he/she was simply out hunting for lunch. Damn big snake though.  As we returned from our walk, we noticed that the animal trap near the gate looked like it had been tripped.  The trap has been there since our first walk a month ago.  There was a skunk inside.  Oklahoma and weather...crazy.  Our weather radio started going off around 4:30 pm talking about thunderstorms and hail in the area.  We managed to escape severe weather, while it was raining and dropping pea size hail it never really got dark. Then, like someone flipped a switch, the rain stopped and the sun was out bright as, well as day, like nothing ever happened.  Crazy.  It made for a pretty sunset though.

Wednesday, we did not do much other than our daily walk. It was incredibly windy, like 25 mph! Not many folks out on the trial today but we did see one cyclist who had fiberglass shell over his bike.  It looked like a glider without wings. 

Thursday, after our walk today I spent most of the day soaking up the sunshine while catching up on the travel quilt.  Hopefully the quilt shops will be allowed to open tomorrow so that I can get some more fabrics.

Friday, Biden assures us that the sexual assault charges against him are ridiculous. Thank goodness the media is doing such a deep investigation!  Getting the FBI to investigate...Making it a requirement that Ms. Reade be believed...Demanding that Biden resign from the race....Oh, Wait, That was Judge Kavanaugh. 

I managed to cut out pieces for two baby quilts and determined that the quilt shops here will be open next week! That is really good news. I would hate to have spent so much time here and not be able to get fabric to go in the travel quilt. And I've almost got all the pieces collected so far to the quilt.

Saturday, there are two new buffaloes at the RV park today! And I was told that there should be a third by morning.  How cool is that. 

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